Don't Let The Low Sneak Up

Tools & Resources

It can happen anytime, anywhere. Don’t let a hypoglycemic episode sneak up on you — be ready to act quickly. You can be prepared and act with confidence when you have a rescue plan that includes a prescription emergency solution like the Glucagon Emergency Kit. Don’t let the low sneak up.

Here are some resources that you can download to help you prepare:

Educational Guide

Living with diabetes means balancing your meal plan, physical activity, and diabetes medicine to keep your blood sugar in the normal range. This Guide will help you BE READY and BE PREPARED for a hypoglycemic emergency.

Hypoglycemia Tracking Chart

Use this chart to track your low blood sugar and understand what is causing it.

Very Low Blood Sugar Care Card

Fill out this printable card and carry it with you on the go – so others know your low blood sugar care plan.

The Glucagon Emergency Kit is convenient and simple to use. The bright orange case makes it easy for you, or your caregiver, to find it and act quickly. Be prepared with one kit for home use, and one kit for on-the-go.

Glucagon Injection Kit